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  • Why choose Toe Fish Art?

    Finding the right decor can be hard. Too many choices, and it seems so complicated. You want original, unique, meaningful decor. We understand! and we make it easy —
    1. Shop for Your Ideal Design
    2. Personalize the Design
    3. Customize Your Home
    Be surrounded by decor you LOVE!
    You deserve…
    ✓ Decades of experience
    ✓ 44,000+ clients served
    ✓ Thousands of 5-star reviews
    ✓ Featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Cottages & Bungalows, and Farmhouse Style magazines
    ✓ High-quality, made in America, with care and attention to every detail
    ✓ All original designs (we create the artwork others try to imitate)
    ✓ Authentic products
    ✓ Review your personalized proof before your design is printed
    ✓ Clear communication with our US-based team

  • What SIZE should I get?

    Great question! Don’t use product photos to judge. We offer many different sizes, and our photos show large sizes.
    – See the Material and Size options in product menu. Then, carefully measure and mark a size on your wall with blue painters tape, to step back and see that size in your space!
    – Choose carefully from product options, and please order responsibly. We cannot spot ordering mistakes, and we cannot make changes once an order is in progress.

  • Are your sizes listed Height–x–Width, or vice versa?

    All of our sizes are listed in Width first (from left to right as you’re facing the sign) then by the Height (how tall the sign is from top to bottom).

  • Need a Different Size?

    We can make different sizes, on a case-by-case basis. Some designs can be adjusted, while others cannot. Some materials have limited size options. Before placing your order Contact Us with the exact product from our shop, the material you’re wanting (canvas, wood or metal), and your dimensions (in whole inches). Make sure to tell us whether you’re wanting the sign oriented landscape, or portrait. We will let you know if we can make that size.

  • Is this a CANVAS sign? It looks so real!

    Our Canvas is gallery-wrapped, museum quality art, handmade in our USA family workshops. Our canvas signs are beautiful, lightweight, and easy to hang! See Specifications for more information.
    Our unique, all-original, copyright registered artwork is carefully designed to resemble authentic rustic, antiqued materials, for vintage charm with modern farmhouse style! (We can also make modern, minimalist styles.)
    We also offer Wood and Metal signs in various sizes and designs.

  • Is it FRAMED? (The picture looks like it has a frame.)

    Some Canvas sign styles display the appearance of a framed sign — The front and sides are NOT framed, although these unique designs provide the artistic illusion of framing, but without the added weight!

  • Do you offer FRAMING?

    YES!! We make stunning floating frames for our Canvas signs available in several colors! Click here to see framing options and add a floating frame to your current order. (For current Canvas sign orders only; frames cannot be sold separately.)

  • Can your Canvas signs be hung OUTDOORS? — Do you make an Outdoor product?

    Our Canvas signs are very durable and generally work well in outdoor covered areas that are protected from rain. As long as they don’t get wet, they hold up just fine!
    We also make beautiful Indoor/Outdoor Metal signs in various sizes and designs.

  • Can I see a PROOF of my Personalized or Custom design?

    YES! Proofs will be sent by email from Fast response from you keeps your order on track. Delayed reply (24+ hours after proof is sent) may cause delays for which we are not responsible. Please review proofs on a screen larger than a cell phone, when possible.
    If we do not hear back from you within 24 hours of when your proof is sent, we will continue making your sign exactly like your proof.
    We do not create proofs before purchase. We spend considerable resources designing proofs, and unfortunately we cannot provide these services free of charge.
    Contact Us before placing your order with any questions or requests.

  • Need help with PERSONALIZATION, or have a CUSTOM request?

    See instructions under each personalization field in the product listing.
    For additional questions or changes, Contact Us before placing your order. After we’ve worked through and agreed on all details with you, leave notes in your order (on the checkout page), so it will be flagged as a custom request.
    We accept custom requests on a case-by-case basis, after careful consideration and as our workload allows. Although just about anything could be made, that’s not how we roll at ToeFishArt. – We want your artwork to be SUPERB!
    Note that some custom requests may require additional design fees and time to complete.

  • Want different COLOR, STYLE or MATERIAL options?

    Options vary by design. We are able to adjust the colors of most lettering and backgrounds.
    We are able to “swap” many background and lettering color styles. – If you see a sign you like, but want a color scheme from a different sign in our shop, let us know, and we’ll tell you what can be done!
    Want it less Rustic? – More Modern or Minimalist? Many designs can be adjusted to remove some (but perhaps not all) of the rustic details.
    Fonts can be tricky. We spend countless hours perfecting our original designs with just the right fonts and hand-lettering that meets the pleasure of our artist’s eye. We typically cannot use different fonts in our designs.
    See a Canvas design you like, but want it in Wood or Metal instead? We are able to make certain sizes and designs in Wood or Metal – just ask!
    Contact Us before placing your order with any questions or requests.

  • How do I place an ORDER?

    1) Select your sign from our shop.
    2) Choose Material from dropdown menu.
    3) Choose Size from dropdown menu. Don’t use photos to judge. Carefully measure and mark the size on your wall with blue painters tape, to step back and see that in your space!
    4) If there are additional product options, make those selections.
    5) For signs with personalized options — Type your complete, exact text in the field(s) in the listing, so that it is clear to us exactly how you want your personalization to read. (Your text must correspond to the portion of the design meant to be personalized. If it doesn’t, Contact us before placing your order.) An actual Toe Fish artist will design and create your proof! We do not use automated software for your design.
    6) Complete your purchase!
    7) For personalized/custom signs, we will send you a Proof via email within 1 to 4 days of your order.
    We’ll keep you posted on everything, from Proof Design to Production, to Shipping! Please watch your email for notifications from ToeFishArt – (Take a peek at your junk/spam/promo email folders to see if our emails are hiding there.)

  • How do I HANG my sign?

    ToeFishArt signs are delivered ready for your wall!

    CANVAS signs can be hung directly from the top support bar, or from the sawtooth hangers installed on the sign. Our canvas signs are beautifully made and sturdy, yet lightweight and easy to handle and hang. Many sizes can be held by push-pins, command strips or small nails, depending on the surface of your wall.

    WOOD signs can be hung from the included wire hanger for most sizes, or directly from the frame itself (for the smallest sizes).

    METAL signs can be hung from the pre-installed floating frame using wide-head screws to support the sign and “catch” the frame lip. Depending on your unique hanging surface and location, we’ve found that this outdoor-rated “Velcro” product, when applied along the entire length of all four sides (in addition to the screws), can assist with holding your sign in place for breezy conditions, uneven wall surfaces, and even to prevent signs from being bumped off the wall by people, pets, swinging doors, etc.: VELCRO Brand Extreme Outdoor Heavy Duty 15 lb.

  • Complete list of FAQs
  • Refunds, Returns & Exchanges and other Store Policies

    Due to the handmade-to-order nature of our items, we do not offer refunds, returns or exchanges.
    We are glad to help with shipping damage or quality/condition issues!  Please visit our Store Policies for all information.

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