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The ToeFishArt family of artisans handcrafts original, custom and personalized wall décor just for you, order by order. Choose from Canvas, Wood or Metal options (see available material choices in this listing). View estimated delivery dates during checkout.


At Toe Fish Art, we make finding unique home furnishings easy — We expertly design original pieces in every style imaginable! — From modern and rustic farmhouse, to cottagecore, vintage, retro, industrial, Americana, primitive, country, western cowboy, coastal, boho, minimalist and more! We’ve been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Cottages & Bungalows, and Farmhouse Style magazines, to name a few.


Be surrounded by decor you LOVE! ™



CANVAS signs can be hung directly from the top support bar, or from the sawtooth hangers installed on the sign. Our canvas signs are beautifully made and sturdy, yet lightweight and easy to handle and hang. Many sizes can be held by push-pins, command strips or small nails, depending on the surface of your wall.

WOOD signs can be hung from the included wire hanger for most sizes, or directly from the frame itself (for the smallest sizes).

METAL signs can be hung from the pre-installed floating frame using wide-head screws to support the sign and “catch” the frame lip. Depending on your unique hanging surface and location, we’ve found that this outdoor-rated “Velcro” product, when applied along the entire length of all four sides (in addition to the screws), can assist with holding your sign in place for breezy conditions, uneven wall surfaces, and even to prevent signs from being bumped off the wall by people, pets, swinging doors, etc.: VELCRO Brand Extreme Outdoor Heavy Duty 15 lb.

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